COVID-19 Updates

Clean hands and big hearts: How First Grammar is handling COVID-19

As we continue to navigate ‘the new normal’, the health and safety of First Grammar families and team members remain our highest priority. 

We understand that information, kindness and support are currently essential in keeping all children, families and teams feeling reassured. Below, you’ll find a number of resources to help at this time. 

Enrolling across centres

We are welcoming bookings at our centres to cater to your full requirements and establish our close connections with families. 

We do understand that the COVID-19 situation has resulted in a challenging economic climate for our country, and we know some families may require assistance regarding understanding the options available to them. 

Our ultimate purpose is to ensure all our families have all the tools and information at their disposal to feel confident in their children’s continued journey in early childhood education. Click here to read our guide to the Child Care Subsidy and feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Families also are encouraged to contact their Centre Manager with help regarding the Additional Child Care Subsidy, our Flexible Hours program and more.
Childcare chef wiping surfaces, covid-19 safety practice
World of Learning day care educator wiping surfaces for Covid-19 safety practice
Child washing hands to remain Covid-19 safe at World of Learning

Where to find more information and updates

G8 Education, who operates our centres, liaises regularly with health and education authorities for the most up-to-date advice and recommendations.

Click here to find more updates related to centres, along with further details on how to protect your family from illness and additional information for support at this time.

Key contacts

 If you have specific questions relating to individual situations, please contact the relevant state or territory public health agency:

If you have a child currently enrolled at a First Grammar centre, your Centre Manager is your best contact for up-to-date information and answers to any centre-specific questions.

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