Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Choosing a child care and early education centre

What should I look for in a child care centre?

Finding the perfect child care centre is no easy feat. There’s a lot to consider, including location, price, waiting lists and the general ‘vibe’ of the centre. So how can you be confident you’ve made the right decision?

 Educator playing with child at First Grammar Child Care
What is included at our early education and child care centres?


Early Learning Services offers the following:

  • Nappies and wipes.
  • Nutritious meals prepared by our in-house cook.
  • Regular updates and photos on our all in one family app.
  • Quality learning resources.
  • Engaging specialised programs.
  • Regular festivities for annual events, cultural celebrations, and special occasions.
  • We welcome special guests and community members to the centre based on the children's interests.
  • Plus more! Speak to your centre of choice for a full list of everything included.
Educator with children at First Grammar Child Care 

How does the child care waitlist work?
First Grammar accepts child care applications for future enrolments, and we offer enrolment placements as they become available. Our Family Support team will add your child’s name on our waitlist if a centre is currently full in your child’s age group. We will then contact you as soon as places become available.

We also do monthly check-ins to review the availability, and you will receive a text message confirming if you’re still happy to remain on the waitlist each month. When spots do become vacant, we will give you a call to tell you the good news!

If you would like to get an update at any point, you’re welcome to reach out on our Web Chat or give us a call. Our Family Support team can also help you find more centres near you, with the same offerings at the centre you are interested in that have immediate availability.

Attending a child care and early education centre

How many children are in one room (child to educator ratio)? What’s the educator ratio?

All child care and early education centres abide by educator to child ratios as determined by the National Quality Framework (NQF). The below table outlines the minimum ratios followed by our centres. 

Age of children Educator to child ratio Applies
Birth to 24 months 1:4 All states and territories
Over 24 months and less than 36 months 1:5 All states and territories excluding VIC
  1:4 VIC
Over 36 months up to and including preschool age 1:11 ACT, NT, QLD, VIC
  1:10 NSW
  1:10 for centre-based services other than a preschool
1:10 for disadvantaged preschools
1:11 for preschools other than a disadvantaged preschool
2:25 for children attending a preschool program
  1:10 WA
Over preschool age 1:15 NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, NSW
  1:11 ACT
(or 1:10 if kindergarten children are in attendance)

What should I pack for my child?
Some child care centres provide sheets, formula, nappies and wipes, so you may not need to remember to pack them!

Otherwise, for babies, be sure to include: nappy rash cream, dummies, bottles and teats, comfort toy or blanket, sun hat, three spare outfits, spare socks, a jumper and a plastic bag for wet clothes.

For toddlers and preschool or kindergarten aged children, start with: Spare underwear, water bottle or sippy cup, sun hat, closed-toe shoes, two spare outfits, spare socks, a jumper and a plastic bag for wet clothes.

Plus anything else your individual child may need, such as breast milk, a sleeping bag, dummies, medication.
Are we allowed to bring in expressed milk?
Yes, the nursery room educator will be able to assist you with this during your orientation or Stay and Play.
How does drop-off work?

When you arrive at the early education and child care centre, sign your child in and be sure to greet their educators warmly. If your child sees that you have a good relationship with them, they’ll be more likely to trust them too.

It can be difficult to leave if your child is upset. Rest assured our educators will soothe your child and engage them in entertaining activities to help them settle in.

You’re always welcome to call anytime during the day to check on your child’s wellbeing and progress! You’ll also receive daily updates and photos detailing your child’s learning and development on our all in one family app.

Child being dropped off to educator at First Grammar Child Care

Settling in to child care only takes a few days for some children, while for others it might take longer. Rest assured that our team will work closely with your family to ensure the process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. You can read more on how to prepare for Your childs first day

What happens if my child is injured?

The child care and early education centre will:

  • Administer first aid that is appropriate for the injury sustained by the child, as guided by the Educators Senior First Aid Training and Administering First Aid Centre Policy.
  • Notify you as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that further medical attention is recommended to the families in instances where the child’s injury is such that medical attention is required but does not require emergency medical treatment (e.g. Ambulance).
Ensure that emergency services are contacted in instances where the child has been injured, and the injuries are of such a nature as to be beyond the First Aid Training of the Education and Care Staff.
What happens if I am delayed at pick up time?
  • Please call the early education and child care centre on the direct phone line and notify them as soon as possible, including the estimated arrival time, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
What happens if my child doesn't like the food provided?
  • Alternative food will be offered to your child when possible. Families can supply food if there are specific requirements.


Do I need to be on a waitlist? Is there a deposit I need to pay to hold my waitlist spot?
This depends on the individual centre. Our Family Support Team will be able to advise when discussing your child care and early education centre of choice.
Do we pay on public holidays?

Public holidays are charged at the normal daily fee. Families will be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for public holidays if they have not exceeded allowable yearly absences.

Do you offer half days?

We offer 9-hour, 10-hour and 12-hour Flexible Hours sessions. Find out more about optimising your child care subsidy hours here.

What happens if my child is sick/we go on holidays/we don’t attend on a scheduled day?

Under the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), families are allowed 52 absence days per child, per financial year. These can be taken for any reason, including public holidays and when children are sick, without the need for families to provide documentation.

Absences should only be claimed when care would have been provided if the child was not absent, and the family has been charged a fee for the session of care. CCS is only payable for absences submitted before a child has started at a service, or after a child’s final day of actual attendance at a service, under limited circumstances.

Please click here for more information about absences.

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