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We understand just how important your children are to you, and we take our responsibilities very seriously when caring for them at our child care and early education centres.

First Grammar is proud to be part of the G8 Education group, a group committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all team members, children attending our centres and their families, visitors, volunteers and external service providers.

With over 400 child care centres across Australia, G8 Education is proud to be a leading provider of quality child care and early education centres through a range of well-respected and recognised brands. 

Regardless of which state your child attends one of our child care and early education centre, you can be reassured that we adhere to the stringent checks and measures, policies, procedures and quality standards as required under the education and care sector’s legislated National Quality Framework. You can expect consistency, even if you change G8 Education centres.


First Grammar provides the highest quality education and care to cater for the holistic needs of all children. We establish a welcoming, secure and safe environment and facilitate respectful and equitable relationships with families.

Guided by our philosophy, the Early Childhood Code of Ethics, our curriculum frameworks and our sector regulatory requirements, our pedagogies and practices are designed to promote high quality education and care for children. We ensure our program, interactions and operations are positive, effective and reflect high quality practices.

First Grammar prioritises ongoing evaluation which contributes to the process of quality improvement and the continual development of quality practices across all aspects of the centre.
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The National Quality Standard

Early childhood centres are required to observe the National Quality Standard which clearly states the national benchmarking requirements across seven areas relating to education, health and safety, operations and wellbeing in education and care services. Each of the seven quality areas are regularly assessed with an overall rating being applied to each centre. The seven quality standards are:

  1. Educational program and practice
  2. Children’s health and safety
  3. Physical environment
  4. Staffing arrangements
  5. Relationships with children
  6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  7. Governance and Leadership
We are honoured families entrust their children to our educators and feel privileged to provide the highest quality education and care programs to support the holistic development of children.

G8 Education is proud of the dedicated and skilled teams who contribute to the continuous improvement of our services by constantly driving standards to new levels in order to elevate education and care in Australia. For more information about education and care sector, please visit the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) site.

Health and safety at child care

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, First Grammar has a support team who regularly provide support to our centre teams including mentoring guidance on improvement opportunities. As a result, First Grammar has documented extensive policy and procedures in place to assist our team in protecting both themselves and the children in our care from hazard and harm. These processes outline our commitment to safety covering topics such as:

    • Hygiene and Infection Control
    • Health and Safety
    • Medical Conditions including Allergy and Anaphylaxis
    • Management of Incident, Injury and Illness including infectious diseases
    • Child Safe Environment
    • Excursion and Transportation Safety
Even with adherence to policy and procedure, First Grammar is aware that incidents, injuries, and illness may occur; therefore we are committed to ensuring our team members can confidently and effectively respond promptly to any incident that results in injury or illness to reduce further harm and promote recovery.
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Child safety

First Grammar is committed to ensuring the safety, protection and wellbeing of children by providing an environment where all children are respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.  

We want children to enjoy coming to our centres and to feel safe and supported in friendly surroundings. We are a child-focused organisation, providing quality services where all children are treated with individuality in their developmental domains: social and emotional, language, physical, cognitive, creative and sensory.

We understand the risk and ongoing impact of child abuse and neglect in our society and our collective responsibility to embed a leading culture of child safety and protection. We have supported this commitment with:  

  • Applying robust recruitment practices and a zero-tolerance approach that ensures all team members are suitable to work with children.
  • Incorporating child protection and safe environments into strategic and operational activities to embed in everyday practice.
  • Our Whistleblower Policy, outlining who can, and how to, report any serious misconduct or improper behaviour concerning First Grammar or its business or practices.
  • Advocating for child protection and establishing partnerships to work collaboratively with organisations that support children and families.

We partner with Bravehearts and Ernst & Young to develop our child protection framework and nurture a child-safe organisation.

Through our collaboration, evaluation and training, we are sure to deliver best practice to protect and educate our children.


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