Food and nutrition 

Establishing healthy eating habits from an early age lays the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing. At First Grammar children enjoy a nutritious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, all prepared daily at our child care and early education centre.

Meals are fresh, colourful and tasty enough to tempt even the fussiest of eaters, all while meeting Australian Dietary Guidelines and recommended requirements.

You can rest easy knowing your child’s nutrition needs are met at First Grammar while being exposed to a variety of delicious tastes and interesting textures, which helps significantly in nurturing healthy eating habits.

Our menus

At all of our child care and early education centres we enforce a strict no nut policy and have a separate management plan for children with special dietary requirements. We also actively adhere to medical needs of children with allergies diagnosed by a medical practitioner. When at our child care and early education centres, be sure to ask the team what is on the menu that week.

If you would like to recreate some centre recipes at home with your child, you can also check out our Community Cubby which has a dedicated section for nutrition.

Our food philosophy

Our focus is on providing children with simple, nutrient-rich, unprocessed and seasonal whole foods. There is a focus on balancing the types of foods eaten throughout the week, promoting healthy eating through novel ways of presentation and colours.

Our menus meet nutritional guidelines and are high-quality, allowing young bodies to thrive both mentally and physically.

Our philosophy includes learning about healthy lifestyles and cooking. We believe this is integral to children’s wellbeing and self-confidence, which in turn contributes to their ability to concentrate and learn.

Our child care and early education centres provide many opportunities for children to experience a range of healthy foods, including DIY menu options that allow them to create their own dishes – allowing for growing independence and satisfaction in being able to do things for themselves.

First Grammar child care toddler with a nutritious food
First Grammar day care child eating nutritious food
First Grammar early learning child with a bowl of nutritious food

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