Cheryl Cope 

Centre Manager - First Grammar Wantirna South

“Play is the highest form of research.” ~ Albert Einstein

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 1995 and started working at First Grammar Wantirna South in 2012. I hold a Certificate 3 in Children Services since 1995, I have been a director for over 18 years. 

I become an Educator in Children Services as every day is a new day, I am enjoying watching the children grow into little people. Especially when the children come from young babies to Kinder age as you get to see the children develop their own personality, strengths and development.  

Each child has their own individual needs, no child is the same. To treat every child as an individual.  I have also learnt working in this industry is not just coming in to babysit and caring for the children, there is a lot more to working in Early Childhood for example the many different cultures, policies, and procedures, reports and lots more. 

Attending childcare is a great benefit for children as they experience activities they may not experience at     home, create friendships with other children, develop the five developmental areas Cognitive Development, Social and Emotional Development, Speech and Language Development, Fine Motor Skill Development and Gross Motor Skill Development through child base play. 

We are a multi-cultural centre, we have a variety of languages spoken. More than half of the Educators have their Diploma in Children Services and 2 Educators with their Bachelor In Children’s Services. Educators have been serving the centre for over 7 years with no turn over with educators. Educators are passionate about the centre and enjoy coming to work. tHEY believe every day is a new day and never the same. They enjoy watching the children grow, having relationships with the children and families and making the centre as homely as possible and love welcoming new families. The educators will celebrate and expect all cultures as we are have an open door policy.  

Our centre is a safe environment for all children. Each day the educators will complete daily checklist to make sure it is safe for children, the WHS educator will then make sure the tasks have been completed correctly. Educators follow the G8 education policies and produces and follow the child protection protocol. All educators are trained in Child Protection. 

At the centre we welcome all new parents, greet them when entering the centre and introducing ourselves to the family. 

Existing families are greeted when dropping off and picking up the children/ child by the office staff. All rooms the educators will greet the parents and children when entering and leaving. At the end of the day, educators greet the parents and discuss how their child/children’s day was and if they have any concern. Educators encourage the parents to discuss any concerns and like to hear their feedback.  

Yearly will we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for the parents by offering an afternoon tea. End year celebrations with a graduation for children attending school the following year and a concert for the parents and extending family. 

All families are welcomes into the centre as we have an open-door policy. New families are greeted at the front door by either the director or another educator. The director or educator will then be introduced themselves to the parent. An educator or director will then take the parents around the centre and introduce the family to the educators, show the family all rooms and child’s room, once the tour is completed director will discuss with family enrolment process, enrolment forms, organize an orientation for the child/ children. Once the director has received the enrolment forms director or educator will help the family to complete the CCS process and prepare the child/ children to start. 

On the first orientation the child will orientate in the room, educator will discuss with the family the child’s needs and then the child/ children will start after a few orientations or when educator and family think child is ready. The Director and Educators will make the transition as smooth as possible. We are happy to help.  

Welcome to First Grammar Wantirna South

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