Catherine D’Amico 

Centre Manager - First Grammar Gumnut Drive

"It shouldn’t matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.” ~ Robert John Meehan 

I am most proud of my team and families that attended. We have some long standing team members that have been here for nearly ten years. We have passionate educators that aim high to offer the best possible care for all our children. Our families are the most caring and supportive families I have ever met. They intrust us with their children every single day, and for this we are most grateful. 

My favourite part of working at First Grammar Gumnut Drive is having the opportunity to meet the local families, and to help make a difference to every single child’s learning and development. I really value my team and the drive and enthusiasm they display each day toward their roles, it inspires me as their centre manager. 

When I was little, I was the first born and the oldest child in the family. My cousins were much younger than me, I would always baby sit my cousins and always have sleep overs at my Auntie’s and Uncles house. As I neared the end of school I thought what am I going to do with the rest of my life, I chose hospitality, despite my entire family telling me to be a teacher. 

It took a few years but I found myself wanting to teach children. I studied my Diploma while working in child care, I worked in all the rooms, Babies up to Kinder. My favourite being Pre kinder. I have never looked back, I love my job, I love making a difference in the lives of children. I love teaching them new and exciting things about life, I love that no matter what, children will accept you for who you are and they always put a smile on my face, you can never have a bad day, when children are around.
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