Baljit Gill

Centre Manager - First Grammar Holsworthy

"Embrace patience and love when trying to educate"

I have been working in the childcare profession for 8 years and hold a Diploma in Children’s Services.

Every day I get to witness my colleagues put their heart and soul into educating the children at the centre. They show the utmost patience, professionalism and enthusiasm when interacting with the children and the results are self-evident. The children, through the positivity and professionalism of the staff members, develop to become bright young girls and boys eventually ready to move on to kindergarten. As such, I am most proud of my staff. 

What has inspired me to become an educator is the ability to witness babies and toddlers grow and develop into wonderful young, respectful and loving children through the love and effort we, as educators, dedicate towards them. This experience is something I cherish and, as an educator, I have been blessed to continuously experience it.

My philosophy when it comes to educating children is to embrace patience and love when trying to educate them about new ideas, values and subjects. The children we deal with are in a crucial developmental stage and as such, it is absolutely critical to be as loving and as understanding as possible and implementing the idea of positive motivation, i.e. rewarding them for effort, participation and understanding, when educating them.

My centre has amazing staff that are absolutely dedicated to their work and to the children. The institution centralises a passion towards educating and accommodating the growth and development of each individual child that is under our care. Our centre has a large and beautiful outdoor space that accommodates a child’s natural affinity for curiosity through which they develop as they grow.

Furthermore, we have extremely well equipped rooms that further increase our ability to help a child develop and grow through our education standards. In essence, with this in mind, the centre is perfect for any and every child that is enrolled there.

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