Yvonne Pitcher 

Centre Manager - First Grammar Freshwater

"It is important to remember that the early years is not a race but a time to love learning through play. "

Throughout my career as an educator, I have learnt that children thrive from mistakes, challenges and recognized achievements, this pattern of learning and joy guides my leadership and teaching style with my team. Every child learns at their own pace. 

My early learning journey began while I was still in high school while completing a placement in 2002 at a local Long Day Care Centre I realized there was no other industry I wanted to be apart of. 

I am not the type that learns in a classroom setting so I completed my diploma through an apprenticeship allowing me to develop on the job skills and learning moments that I will continue to remember fondly.  Now as a Centre Manager I can inspire and guide trainees and apprentices in the sector to develop a love and passion for the industry. 

I hold a Diploma in Children’s Services.  I hold a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate and have completed many online learning courses from Dr Kaylene Henderson.  I am currently working towards a Diploma in Child Protection through Traxion Training.  I have worked in all age groups from babies through to kindergarten age group.  Most of my career has been spent moulding the toddler-aged children from babies into little people.

The environment is the third teacher, allowing children to learn naturally through play. Environments at Frist Grammar are designed for purposeful learning opportunities.  The learning environments aid the children with learning at their own pace, educators at First Grammar create partnerships with the children to help guide and direct the children in their own learning journey.  Children share their learning journey with peers and are exposed to culture and local community events that they may not be exposed to in their home environments. 

In 2020 I was recognized as the regional safety champion for Queensland.  This award was recognized and voted on by my peers and area manager due to my persistent and high safety standards.  Providing safety for the team and children in my care is one of my top priorities. Through my passion and determined implementation of these regulations, our Centre is performing well and thinking outside of the box to introduce new and economic ways to conform to health and safety regulations, for example, encouraging the children to set their own limitations and take risks knowing the consequence of those risks taken.

Our team at Frist Grammar are dedicated to the early learning years, with many of our team members working with G8Education for several years.  Driven by the diversity of our team, culture is an embedded practise within our daily routine including acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land each morning, weekly Japanese classes for all age groups and AUSLAN throughout the Centre.   

Many of our families continue to choose First Grammar over other early childhood settings in the area due to the passion and commitment of the educators within the team. 

We understand as trying to keep a work-life-social balance can be tricky and sometimes near impossible; fortnightly we arrange breakfast for families to gather with educators, previously once a month the breakfast has been held out the front of the Centre as a sausage sizzle for all family members to enjoy and take a muffin or coffee pack for morning tea to enjoy at work.  Each afternoon families are invited to sample the latest afternoon tea. 

Fun fact:  I wish I lived at the North Pole with Santa and his elves.

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