Val Italos

Centre Manager - First Grammar Condell Park

"I strongly believe learning is all about having fun."

I have been working in early learning since 2012. I joined the team at First Grammar Condell Park in 2018 I hold a Master of Teaching (Birth-12 years).

I have always had a passion to work with children. I love to empower people and who better to empower than the people of our future. I became a teacher for children Birth- 12 years as I am passionate about teaching children of all ages. However, I chose to work with children birth- 5 years as I believe it is the most crucial part of their lives. This is the time where quality teaching and learning needs to occur for children to develop and grow positively. 

I strongly believe learning is all about having fun. If a child is involved and engaged throughout their learning, they will develop important skills and abilities whilst having fun! 

Our team at First Grammar are all qualified in the filed and have a strong passion in teaching children and watching them strive. I am a strong advocate for child protection and I vow to be the voice for those in my care who do not feel safe, secure & supported in doing so themselves. 

I build relationships with families on a day to day basis by continually greeting every single family that comes through the door, asking how they are and having open discussions with the families and offering support where I can. I endeavour to keep up communication through Xplor posts, emails and phone calls to keep families informed about things happening around the centre.  

Call to enquire 1800 517 040