Shannon Lange 

Centre Manager - First Grammar Condell Park

"I love shaping young minds and developing personalities. "

The sky is the limit, a child will only push themselves as far as you encourage them to go. 

I have always had a passion to work with children. I love to empower people and who better to empower than the people of our future. 

I believe that social skills are a huge beneficial factor to attending early childhood education. It helps children to develop language skills as well as independence. 

The child has the autonomy to discover their own interests and the structure to learn about the world around them. 

We have both a  long and short-serving, multicultural team who reflect our local community. Many have been with the centre over 5 years. It’s the sort of centre where everyone knows all the children and the families, no matter which room they are in.  

I build relationships with families on a day to day basis by continually greeting every single family that comes through the door, asking how they are & just having open discussions with the families & offering support where I can. I endeavour to keep up communication through Xplor posts, emails & phone calls to keep families in the loop about things happening around the centre.  

During drop off we have a Parent Breakfast Buffet as well as a fridge and fruit basket where the families can rejuvenate & take a minute to replenish themselves in the early morning rush of a routine. We welcome every family and tell them to have a good day. 

I have learnt that every child is an individual and no two children are the same. 

Every young person deserves the right to be included and respected. 

Children are the people of our future and they need to nourished and nurtured to create a strong future.

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