Shauna Blinman

Centre Manager - First Grammar Green Point 

"It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.” -Leo F. Buscaglia

We consider our centre as a “home away from home.” We are very family orientated and we hold special bonds with all of our families, including those who have grown up and ventured off to school.

I started working in early learning in 2005 and have been at First Grammar Greenpoint since 2008. 

When I began I was an untrained assistant and soon completed my certificate. I then went on study and complete my Diploma in Early Childhood and took on a Supervisor position soon after. I stepped up in 2018 and become Centre Manager.

During my time I have had the privilege to work with some of the most amazing educators I know. These people taught me everything I know today and I will be forever grateful to them.

One of the most important things I have learnt is how to understand children’s emotions and support them through troubling times. Another is the importance of play. We aim to educate families and help them understand how vital play is when it comes to learning and understand the world.

Before children transition to school they have the opportunity to be a part of our School Readiness Program. This starts from our younger rooms and continues through to our Pre School room. This ranges from music and story times to a much bigger scale of science and discovery in our older room.

We have also had the pleasure of working closing with many of our local Public Schools and we follow through with their tips when getting children ready for school. The most common tip from these respected Primary Teachers is that children are ready socially and emotionally. This is where our team’s passion unfolds as we help our children of tomorrow become strong confident learners.

My Team here at First Grammar Green Point is what makes our centre so unique. They are fun, inspiring and amazing at making children feel empowered with every challenge they face. They are the ones that go above and beyond to ensure the children are comfortable, safe, confident and most importantly – HAPPY. Their connections with the children are beautiful to watch and they continue to amaze me every day.

We often have families taking the time to visit us once they have begun Primary School. This is a testament to our staff - Many have been with the service for longer than 4 years with the longest service team member being with us for 15 years!

We aim to make the enrolment process as easy as possible as we understand that the balance of work life and home life can be stressful. We include you every step of the way so we can start creating that special bond with families.

A fun fact about myself is that I am a big kid at heart and can talk about ANYTHING Disney for days! I have been to Disneyland several times and it is most definitely the happiest place on earth – followed closely by First Grammar Green Point.

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