Our Programs ensure that a wide range of experiences are made available to children during their day, in both their indoor and outdoor environments.

At First Grammar Early Education Centres, our programs recognise that each child has their own unique timetable for development and we value each child’s individual needs, interests and diversity.  We give the children time to learn at their own pace.

The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum is to help children become competent and capable learners.  The curriculum encourages children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts.  Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident inquisitive learners.

Our programs embrace the Emergent Curriculum, focusing on the interests of the children, coupled with other leading philosophies such as Reggio Emilia and the Early Years Learning Framework. With a special focus on school readiness we encourage each child to reach their maximum potential at their own pace with the aim of their achieving advanced standing on their entry to school.

In an emergent curriculum the sources of the curriculum stem from the child and their teacher and their interaction with their environment.   Emergent emphasises that spontaneity always has a place in the setting where children play and learn. Plans are made week by week and day by day based on children’s interest rather than being mapped out months in advance.

Whilst being spontaneous there is also a curriculum whereby the teacher plans the settings, to motivate, stimulate and excite the children.  Both approaches are highly focused on the interests of the child with positive outcomes achieved from the reciprocal exchange between children and teachers.

We believe that Children learn through play.  Opportunities are provided through programs and routines that will allow each child to learn self-discipline and independence while feeling free to choose the areas of interest in which they will participate throughout the day.

Our programs and routines ensure fairness and equity. All children have a right to achieve their potential without being prejudiced or disadvantaged in any way.

Our Philosophy

At First Grammar Early Education Centres, we aim to achieve the following:

  • An environment that encourages high self-esteem, social development, problem solving skills and negotiation strategies.
  • The provision of a safe, secure & hygienic environment for children, staff, families and visitors.
  • A stimulating and responsive environment where play is valued and positive reinforcement and encouragement make learning possible. Children will learn and grow through play.
  • Programs which will encourage discovery, questioning, independent thinking and creativity. Our learning centre approach will allow for child directed learning following on their interests. We will encourage growth in all areas of children’s development. 
  • Children will feel safe, respected, valued, encouraged & reassured. They will learn about themselves, others & the environment. They will develop living skills, self-confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Opportunities for children to make decisions about self to encourage independence and personal growth. 
  • We will encourage families to be involved in the centre’s program and festivities and to share their cultural heritage or celebrations with us at every opportunity or in whatever way they feel comfortable. Family input into policies is also greatly encouraged.
  •  We believe that diversity is acceptance of differences and respect for others regardless of age, religion or cultural background. Our everyday practices will reflect this belief.
  • We will support and encourage children with additional needs to ensure they achieve to their full potential. We will ensure access to all available support services for the child.
  • Staff will work as an effective team and share tasks, skills, responsibilities, ideas and resources. Staff will be positive role models for the children when teaching values and concepts in everyday practice. 
  • Staff will support each other, work as a team, respect each other as individuals and establish open communication encouraging honesty, tact and sensitivity to the feelings of others. Staff will address all issues in a professional manner.
  • We will regularly evaluate the service to ensure the needs of the wider local community are being met and that parents are consulted about future plans for the service.

Our Environment

At First Grammar Early Education Centres we place a high importance on creating comfortable, inviting and sustainable learning environments.

We offer large secure outdoor areas which are dominated by either very well established native trees or potted varieties of flora.  This provides great natural shade and a serenity which only nature can.  We have also fitted our outdoor areas with high quality, shade sails which eliminates up to 99% of UV rays while still allowing excellent transition of the sunlight.

We have included a vegetable patch in our gardens which allows the children to enjoy the experience of planting and growing their favourite veggies.  We have found this to be a particularly enjoyable experience for children to undertake and it provides them with a fun experience that encourages them to adopt healthy eating habits and an appreciation for the natural environment.

Some of our Centres also include a water tank that connects to an underground watering system which allows us to keep our beautiful plants and veggie garden hydrated with no impact on the environment.  This teaches the children about the importance of recycling and the value of water within our environment.

Our Educators

At First Grammar, we pride ourselves on our caring and qualified educators.

Our dedicated educators are experienced and understand the importance of extending on children’s home-life experiences. Individual programs are developed for each child in order to assist with this.

With qualifications ranging from teacher to bachelor qualified, all of our educators are passionate about early education and work towards providing, high quality learning environments, programs and documentation.

Parent Teacher Communication

Achieving excellence in childcare is a process that continually evolves…we encourage feedback and interaction from our team and are always eager to hear first-hand about the experiences and views of our parents.

Relationships are forged on trust, openness, respect and understanding, where positive experiences encourage the child to experiment, explore, enjoy, discover and solve problems and to find out about themselves, other people and the world in which they live.