About Us


First Grammar Childcare Centres

Welcome to First Grammar Early Education Centres. Our Childcare and education centres provide an atmosphere which is homelike, caring and stimulating for each child recognising their diversity, uniqueness and needs. Our main objective is to encourage each child in our care to develop a sense of place within our Centre and to perform to the best of their ability while developing secure relationships with their peers and members of our team.

Access to our Centres has been designed to be safe, secure and easy.  All of our childcare centres offer a drive-in/drive-out parking area with ample car spaces to cope with our busy drop off and pick up times. Disabled access and access for parent with prams is also catered for with ramps from the carpark or lifts leading to the childcare centres.

We take security of the children and the First Grammar Team seriously.  Access to the front door of the Centres is the focal point of the security system and is monitored by either closed circuit television (CCTV) or security intercoms. The combination of our beautifully designed environments and our programs provide a strong basis for creative thinking and language development, social and emotional development, large motor and small motor physical development and self-help development.

With care and education centre’s located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. First Grammar is a reputable brand that offers high quality affordable education and care for your child.