Easter Afternoon Tea at Seven Hills

On Thursday 24th March, First Grammar Seven Hills hosted an Easter Afternoon Tea.

Families were invited to the service to enjoy afternoon tea with us. Boys and girls throughout the service were very busy during the day creating some delicious treats for their families to enjoy. There were rainbow cupcakes, bunny cake, fairy bread, fruit platters, hot cross buns plus lots, lots more!


The yard was transformed into a large eating area with dining tables set up in our outdoor area so all children and their families throughout the service could enjoy afternoon tea together. There were also fun experiences set up such as egg decorating, collaging, salt and glue art and even a chocolate egg guessing competition where the winner won the whole jar of chocolate eggs!!!


As everyone was enjoying their afternoon tea, a special visitor was inside making a big mess – the Easter Bunny. Children were encouraged to make their way inside and when they did they were surprised with chocolate eggs hiding around the rooms. Children were encouraged to find 2 eggs each and then assist their peers in searching for their eggs if they needed help.

It was a great afternoon and a lovely way to finish the week before the long weekend!

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