Preschool Jungle Room at Seven Hills

The boys and girls in the Preschool room at First Grammar Seven Hills have been very busy over the past few weeks, as they all contributed to making a jungle in their room. The first part of the jungle that was created was a waterfall. At first, the children were unsure of how the waterfall could be used and they tried hiding behind it and pulling it down. However the educators in the room spoke to the children about the correct way to engage with this new set up and eventually the children were even able to add a pond!


The waterfall was created using different sheets/blankets and a large piece of mesh as the water. The pond was created using a large box that was filled with pieces of paper and cellophane, all in different shades of blue. Once the pond had been created it was then time to create the animals to live inside the pond. The boys and girls sat down with their educator and created glittery fish. They then created fishing rods as well. Magnets were added to the fish and the fishing rods and a fishing experience was created at their own little pond.

Next the boys and girls in the Preschool room assisted their educator in creating animals. They created a snake out of stockings which they then painted and added big googly eyes and a big red tongue to. Then the boys and girls assisted in creating a giraffe by painting recycled boxes in different shades of orange and yellow. They then added brown spots to the giraffe. The giraffe is very tall so the children assisted to the best of their ability to stack the boxes on top of one another. Next the boys and girls in the Preschool room created a tree for their jungle. They used the same process as the giraffe, by painting the tree brown and then stacked the boxes on top of one another to create height. To create the leaves of the tree, the children used edicol dye to stain some old sheets. An educator added the sheets to the roof above the tree. The boys and girls then added some vines onto tree tops to attach some monkeys to.


The children have had a lot contribution to what they believe they needed to add to the jungle. Some of the ideas that the children have had so far are adding a tail to the giraffe, adding a tepee for the children to hide away in and also creating a bon fire to add to the jungle. The fire was created out of cellophane. There were logs and a picnic basket around the fire. Children enhanced their role playing skills whilst playing in the tepee and sitting around the bonfire.

We look forward to continuing to add to the jungle set up as time progresses!

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