Fire Safety at Seven Hills

On Tuesday the 9th of June, First Grammar Seven Hills had some very special visitors, the Seven Hills Fire Brigade!

There was a lot of excitement throughout the service as children had been talking to their parents and their educator’s weeks in advance about this special visit. A few weeks ago, First Grammar Seven Hills participated in a Fire Evacuation Drill which also added to the children’s excitement about the Fire Brigade Visit.


Children watched through the fence as the fire engine pulled into the car park and then sat down on the floor and waited for the fire fighters to make their way upstairs. The fire fighters were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm as they entered the service. We had four fire men visit us. They began by introducing themselves to the group. Once they had introduced themselves to the children, they spoke about fire safety.  The fire men began by speaking to the children about what number to call in an emergency, the differences between good fires and bad fires where they showed pictures of a good fire (candles on a birthday cake) and bad fires (a box of matches.) Children were encouraged to inform the fire men of which fire is a good fire and which is a bad fire.

From there, the fire men spoke to the children about how serious a fire can be. They then spoke to the children about what to do if their clothes were to light on fire – the stop, drop and roll procedure. The fire man demonstrated what the children should do in this instance by fire stopping what they are doing, dropping to the floor, covering their face/head with their hands and then rolling back and forth on the floor. The firemen explained that this would put the fire out for the children. The children were then encouraged to have a turn of doing this.


The next procedure that the fire men spoke to the children about was “get down low and go, go, go” During this explanation, one of the fire men set of a fire alarm and another fire man explained that if the children were to ever hear that noise they must get down on all fours and crawl to the nearest door. Once again, children were encouraged to do this once the fire men had demonstrated what was required of them. To finish off the fire safety section of the visit, the children were given the opportunity to see what a fire man looks like in his fire safety outfit, which is the outfit the children would see if they were to ever be rescued by a fire fighter. They wanted to ensure children weren’t scared by the fire safety outfit. All of the children were then able to give the fire fighter a high five once he was dressed in his fire outfit.

Next was the most exciting part of the visit! We got to go down stairs and see the fire truck, sit in the fire truck and even have a turn using the fire hose! Children were very excited to give this a go.


Once the fire brigade visit was over children were still very excited and continued to talk to their educators about what they had learned for the rest of the day. One of the children even began to cry when he noticed that the fire truck had left!!

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