Monthly Archives: June 2015

Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Stay warm and healthy this winter with our delicious Hot Choc Recipe. There are just 3 ingredients in the tasty drink and numerous substitutes for those tiny tummies with allergies. Ingredients 2 cups of milk 3 heaped teaspoons of cocoa 3 teaspoons of natural honey *We used full cream but an almond milk or alternative […]


Stress – Less Balls!

We can easily get caught up in our day to day life routines. Take the time to sit back, relax and create these easy stress balls with your children today! Not only is it a fun, easy activity – made from items you are likely to already have at home – but it will come […]


Belonging and Becoming

Following on from last month’s article about the Early Years Learning Framework and the element of Being, this month we are focusing on Belonging and Becoming as part of your child’s development enhanced by First Grammar. Belonging An integral part of human existence is understanding where you fit in the world. Relationships are a crucial aspect […]