Clean up Australia Day at Fairfield

2The Bears at First Grammar Fairfield spent their busy week learning about “Clean up Australia day” and how it is a not-for-profit Australian environmental conservation organisation. The aim of the day was to help the children understand the environmental issues of waste, water and climate change that is happening around the world.

The children spent the day walking around the play yard with their educators collecting all the rubbish they could find in the play yard to help play their part in creating a healthy environment.

3After spending the day cleaning up the yard the children in the bears came across a snail, the children were thrilled as they watched the snail move across the pathway, the children used their language skills they described that the snail looked “gooey” and they all wanted to have a touch.

Instead the educators in the bears room planned a “goop” experience for the children to explore their sensory skills and also their descriptive language skills to describe the texture of the goop.

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